So. Pissed. Off.

They did it to me again.

I came home from work today in a pretty decent mood. I was jamming out to some good old viking metal, with little on my mind but conquering ancient lands using nothing but sword and shield. Okay, I really wasn’t thinking about conquering ancient lands, but it fit. Sue me. Anyway, I get home and check my mail, since I’m expecting my Dream Theater/Opeth tickets to show up soon. No tickets, but I did find a letter from the apartment complex.

They fucked up my payment again, and once again sent me a legal-looking document stating that I owe them money. The problem is that I don’t. I checked my bank statement, and they debited my account on 5/1, the day it was due. I’ve got a confirmation from their online billing system stating that I did indeed schedule payment for that date.

I really don’t understand how they could screw that up. My account with them is directly tied to my apartment. When I go to make a payment, the interface has my address and unit number right there at the top next to my name. I started making payments this way because I figured it would be harder for them to screw up. Apparently I have underestimated them.

To make things more aggravating, I couldn’t go deal with it today. I got home and opened the letter at about 7:05, and their office closed at 7:00. I went up to their office anyway to see if anyone was lingering, but no. At 7:12, the place was completely deserted. Its probably good for them though. After listening to that viking metal, I was ready to do battle – verbally at least.

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