Oh Yeah, This Thing.

It's been a pretty crazy couple weeks, for sure. I've been super busy with multiple projects at work, with each one demanding lots of attention. I tend to have a hard time changing directions once I get going on something, so having so many things to do can be pretty stressful. In addition, a system I take care of at work also had some kind of a nervous breakdown, and required a ton of attention in order to correct. A ton of attention while I was on vacation. Totally weak. It's mostly fixed now though, so it's back to being pulled in multiple directions by other stuff. Sigh.

There hasn't been a lot going on outside of work recently due to a general lack of energy and motivation to do anything. All of the stuff happening at work leaves me with no desire to do anything when I get home. It's pretty depressing, in a way.

One relatively fun thing happened though. For the first time since around 2000, I built myself a brand new computer. I got myself a quad-core AMD Phenom processor clocked at 2.3GHz, 4GB of PC2-8500 RAM, a Biostar TPower N750 motherboard, a power supply, and new case from Newegg. I also got a couple of SLI-capable Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS video cards from a coworker. Combine all the parts together and I've got myself a pretty beefy machine. A hell of a lot more beefy than my other desktops. I've been installing some of my old games on it, and they absolutely scream.

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