Tales Of The Voting Booth

The American election system is in trouble. Why you ask? The strings holding the pens to the voting booths are attached at the right side, and are much too short! How is a lefty supposed to vote if he can’t mark the right areas on the ballot!?

I kid, I kid.

A funny/odd coincidence happened to me after I filled out my ballot. I placed the ballot in the scanner machine, and it registered the number “666”, which I assume means that I was the 666th person to vote. Some of the older ladies running the voting area were like “uh oh! 6-6-6!” After I got back to the car, I turned on my iPod, which was on random. The Slayer song “Cult” came on as I was buckling my seat belt, which, oddly enough, has the following lyrics..

I've made my choice. Six six six

While I doubt they were referring to the voting process, the coincidence struck me as funny. I guess that means I’ll be voting Slayer in 2012.

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