Monthly Archives: March 2009

Sleep Is Good, I Hear

Yet another long while between posts. I suppose anyone that reads here should be used to that by now. There's plenty of stuff worth mentioning here, I suppose, but I rarely have the desire to sit down and type something up.

One thing that has made my life significantly more unpleasant lately is a general inability to get a good night's sleep. For the past two months, at least, I wake up feeling like I slept half the time I did, and its cumulative effects are the pits. My attention span is shorter, I have a harder time remembering things, and on bad days, I just lose topics of conversation in mid-sentence.

Erin is reasonably sure that I have sleep apnea, or something close to it. She's observed shallow breathing followed by fits and starts pretty much every time she's watched for it. From what she sees, I mostly wake up once every 15 minutes or so on the typical night. That would surely explain while I feel like a wet bag of crap every morning these days.

Looks like I need to head to the doctor once again.