Monthly Archives: April 2012

Edit Post, Edit Post, Edit Post

I’ve spent a good part of the day so far updating old posts to properly conform with the new WordPress setup. I’ve got most of the posts back to the start of 2005 edited, so there should be a much smaller number of 404’s showing up in my server logs (hopefully). I’ll have to see about doing the rest at some other point. I also thought about categorizing all of the various posts, but that seems more daunting than just fixing all of the images and links.

Perhaps another time.

Clearing The Dust Off

I’ve been monkeying around with WordPress lately, so I decided revive this old beast and start anew with a different content engine. WordPress is able to import content via RSS feeds, so I was able to modify my RSS script to do a full RSS dump of my old site and import it into a new WordPress install. It didn’t get the comments, but I can live with that. Plenty of stuff will be broken until I can get things properly converted and shoehorned into the WordPress system.