Clearing The Dust Off

I’ve been monkeying around with WordPress lately, so I decided revive this old beast and start anew with a different content engine. WordPress is able to import content via RSS feeds, so I was able to modify my RSS script to do a full RSS dump of my old site and import it into a new WordPress install. It didn’t get the comments, but I can live with that. Plenty of stuff will be broken until I can get things properly converted and shoehorned into the WordPress system.

  1. Not sure my last comment went through…

    • I’ve got comment moderation turned on, so comments might not show up right away. I think that folks with approved comments get automatically approved in the future, so you are probably good to go!

  2. nice! good to see this site being updated again. looks good!

  3. Glad to see you embraced the dark side and switched over. Suggestion for your comments would be to install Disqus commenting system, its free, has moderation and allows people to comment with their Twitter, Facebook login etc its a really nice all around system.

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