About Me

Updated: 4/14/05

I guess this is where you come if you want to get a bit of background about me. Well, here it is. I’m a graduate of Michigan State University, where I majored in Computer Science. I’m quite single, and it’s quite a bummer since most of my good friends are either married, engaged, or damn close to engaged. I guess I’ll survive though. I work for a web hosting company in Lansing where I am pretty much a jack of all trades – system administrator, technical and customer support guy, billing guy, programmer – I do it all, some things more than others. I like the job a lot for the most part. All the people I work with are really cool, and the atmosphere is really relaxed. There’s always new stuff going on, which keeps it from being boring, which is definitely a good thing.

Goofing around on the computer is what occupies a large portion of my time when I’m not working, which is kinda sad, but at the same time, it’s good. I used to play a lot of games online, but I’ve toned back on that a lot recently. Unless I’m playing with someone I know, it’s just not that interesting anymore. I spend most of my time chatting with friends and working on little projects I give myself, and sometimes stuff for work. Answering phones tend to interrupt my thought process, so sometimes home is the only place I can think clearly enough to get stuff done. I’ve been rather active with my webpage lately too. Guess I’ve got the creative itch, even though hardly anyone reads it…

My other main interest is music. I’ve got a whole other page devoted to that, so I’ll be brief here. I listen to music almost constantly, wether it be at work (while not on the phone of course), at home, or in the car. I listen mostly to hard rock and metal, but I do like classic rock, blues, and some classical music as well. Just depends on my mood. I also play the guitar, but there’s a whole page about that as well, so I won’t go into that here.

Some things I like:

  • Spending some quality time with friends
  • Computers / Technology
  • playing my guitar
  • listening to Music
  • computer/console games
  • enjoying a good laugh
  • making other people laugh
  • the satisfaction I get after a job well done
  • good conversations
  • people that I can have a good conversation with (not as common as I would like)
  • people who know who they are and are true to themselves
  • sleeping in
  • Mountain Dew (even though I’ve recently given it up)
  • Not having to do anything
  • Good Beer

Some things I don’t like:

  • Alarm clocks (the bane of my existence)
  • Winter
  • people who do things or act a certain way because it’s “cool” (sheep)
  • people who are superficial and judge based on appearance
  • when people putz around in the fast lane (that’s what the slow lane is for!)
  • having work piled up, with no end in sight

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